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    Laser optical path & lift column (ID: LCP-B)


    Five Laser provides wide option of laser parts for laser machine manufacturing. If buyer want to produce their own laser marking machine or laser welding machine, Five Laser can provides full solutions for all laser parts including laser machine cabinet. If choose above beautiful design laser optical path & strong lift column, then buyer can make laser source housing/machine cabinet in their own country and assembly them together to decrease the shipping cost and customs tax











    Laser optical path & lift column (ID: LCP-A) 


    This is package selling for laser optical path & laser lift column together with supporting bracket. If buyer need, the monitor bracket, aluminum marking platform, locating bar & screws all can be togther. The hole size of laser path can be matched with Sino-galvo brand scanner head such as RC7110/SG7110/RC1001









      Laser lifting column (ID: LC130-500/800)


    Laser lift column is full aluminum alloy structure, also it called Z axis lifting column, which is used for standing the laser optical path. Laser lift column can be up/down by manual, also it can be motorised for option. The popular height for lift column is 500mm, commonly it's enough for producing laser marking machine with woring area such as 150*150mm, 200*200mm.  If only for thin metal sheet marking even enough for 300*300mm. The laser lift column length also have 800mm, 1200mm for optional









     Motorised laser lifting column (ID: LCM130-500/800)


    Most of lifting column adopts manual up & down by rotating handhe. In the future on laser marking machine more and more lifting column will be integrated with motor. We adopts stepper motor and self-pulse motor driver for lifting column, which is much better than constant speed motor (which has much big signal interference to computer and monitors). Our motorised lifting column can be controlled by buttons directly, no need enable through any controller or pulse board, because we equipes it with self-pulse motor driver directly









      Laser optical path (ID: LOP-A/B/C)


    LOP-A optical path: model with aluminum base plus aluminum cover

    LOP-B optical path: model with aluminum base plus plastic cover

    LOP-C optical path: model with aluminum base plus plastic cover

    The above colors for laser optical path are popular color, if need any special color with big quantity, then we can also do customization









    Laser marker cabinet (CAB-A)

    Laser cabinet is a machine body for producing a laser marking machine. Such beautiful design cabinet will bring max benefit & attraction to end users. Above is a full set laser marking machine cabinet, it includes laser source cabinet, button panel, monitor bracket, aluminum marking platform, laser lift table, laser optical path. Inside of laser optical path the red pointer mount and fiber optical isolator mount included. The laser optical path have different color for option 









    Laser marker cabinet (CAB-B)

    The laser cabinet we suply are in high level coating quality & strong body. Adopt a lot of arc edge design to protect the operator's body to max. The frong door is used for operating the industrial computer. The 20w, 30w, 50w, 100w, 120w fiber laser source can be put inside of the laser cabinet. And the standard laser lift column size is 170*170*620mm, the lifting up and down adjustable scope around 400mm height









    Cheap laser marker cabinet (CAB-C)

    Above laser cabinet is very popular in laser marking machine market. If want to build a laser marker for common marking market, that will be great idea to adopt this desktop type laser cabinet, because the best advantage for this model laser cabinet is cheap price and enough functions









      Laser marking machine cabinet (CAB-D)


    This design laser cabinet have very strong stand base,this ergonomic design allows the operator's legs to be placed in the empty spaces on either side of the cabinet. Four control button holes design can be used for emergency stop, computer/controller/scanner head, fiber laser source, rotary chuck separately 









    Laser marker cabinet (CAB-EV)

    In order to reduce the laser radiation and the physical damage caused by the operator's misoperation, some European,American or Australia customers prefer some fully enclosed fiber laser marking machine cabinets or semi-enclosed laser cabinets. For enclosed laser cabinets, we generally recommend to equipped with motor-driven lifting columns, and even some vision marking functions, which will improve the portability of enclosed laser cabinets







    Laser marker cabinet (CAB-EP)

    Enclosed laser marker cabinet is very popular in European market or USA market, it will improve the operator safety max during laser marking. Commonly it will install door  interlock protection, once door openning the laser marking can not be enable. Such cabinet included motorised up and down, which will be most convenient for laser focusing









    Split-portable laser cabinet (CAB-S)

    The left one is sheet metal type laser cabinet, and right side is aluminum structure laser cabinet. During working commonly such portable laser cabinet need to be put on a desk. Because of small size design, that split-portable laser cabinet is good for delivery from China for mass ordering, or low cost to delivery by plane to end user place. Commonly 20w & 30w fiber laser source can be installed inside, if need put 50w then need to be informed us before order. The popular color for optional is blue and grey








       Handheld laser marking cabinet (CAB-H)


    Handheld laser cabinet can be used for producing a handheld marking laser machine. Especially for some heavy parts or big size unmovable parts need to be marked, then operator can handle the marking head to put on to processed place for laser marking directly. If fix the scanner head on laser cabinet, then the marking will be like the normal one. This laser cabinet including a cabinet, handheld laser optical path, laser focusing cap and a lifting table. Commonly 20w, 30w fiberr laser source can be installed inside








      Portable fiber laser cabinet (ID: CAB-L)


    CAB-L series portable fiber laser cabinet based on full aluminum materials, the advantage for these 2 types portable laser cabinet is small & compact design for lower shipping cost. Above cabinets have manual up and down table, which are suitable for 110*110mm or 150*150mm working area









       Cheap portable laser cabinet (CAB-P)


    These portable laser cabinet are cheapest model among all cabinets. It adopts sheet metal machine body and full size aluminum platform. The 20w or 30w fiber laser source can be installed inside. We adopts the standard 500mm lift column for it, so the marking height can be suitable for 110*110mm, 150*150mm, 200*200mm










    Jewellery welding cabinet (CAB-J)

    This cabinet is for jewellery laser welding machine. The welded object is placed into the welding area, and the operator's hands are placed into the welding area through two circular holes. Usually this kind of welding is high precision, and it can be observed through zooming in the welding point by microscope




        Laser welding machine cabinet (CAB-W)


    Such laser cabinet is used for producing laser welding machine, the welding hold by manual. The left white one is vertical design, which can be installed with 1000w &1500w continuous wave fiber laser source. And right side one is horizontal design, which can be suitable with 1000w~2000w fiber laser source. Commonly such laser welding cabinet adopts horizontal type water chiller, which can be put inside of cabinet








    UV laser marker cabinet (CAB-U)    Pen marking rotary fixture (ROT-P) D69 rotary jig with driver (ROT-A) 

    The model CAB-U is UV laser fly marking cabinet, the UV laser optical path can be installed on this cabinet to realize the up and down, front & back movement.


    The model ROT-P is prefessional rotary fixture for pen engraving, these slot design are for placing the pens, it can get fast rotating speed without stop. During pen engraving, at the same time operator can do pen feeding at other slot


    The model ROT-A is cheap type rotary jig for fixing small parts




      Rotary jig (ROT-B/C/D)


    Laser rotary jig also called rotary chuck, the left one (ROT-B) is fast jig model. It fix the parts by spring force, no need rotating handle. Commonly it can be used for light parts such as jewellery ring


    The right one is common D80 rotary jig, and middle one is the D125 big rotary chuck. Commonly we sold the rotary jig with stepper motor & motor driver